Sustainability is also our responsibility

Diehls – Greenhotel

As a family – owned hotel we turn our gaze in the future. Our responsibility is the sustainability and ressource conservation for the coming generation. That´s why we´re trying to create more awareness not only in our team but also in changing small things in our daily  worklife .

Whether it´s a switch to a green power supplier or the waive of a daily room cleaning to save water resources by our guests.  This is our contribute towards a green footprint.

100% Green Energy

Through our change to the green power supplier Lichtblick, we are able to avoid 115,50 tonnes on CO² emission per year. The energy is obtained of 100% ecological ressources. The extraction from atom, coal and  oil fired power stations are excluded.

Save money on the right place to donate it for right projects!

Water – one of the most important ressource!

Water ressources are one of the most important ressources worldwide. Not only does it save the human survival but also these  of animals and plants with whom we couldn´t survive either.

Especially through the waiver of the room cleaning by our guests, we are able to save water.  The saved money we´re donating  to  Felix the “Tree-Athlete” and Project Wings. Those two campaign for a sustainable enviroment.

Felix – the Tree – Athlete

Felix is not only the former fellow student of our Boss Nils but also a friend and past team member of DIEHLs.

As an professional runner and nature lover, he established the non profit organisation Tree – Athelete e.V. Together with like-minded people, he plants environmentally meaningfull trees in Germany. To reinforce the natural ecosystems and the protection of biodiversity are just few of his top priorities.

True to the motto  “Do good. Feel good. Be a Tree-Athlete”! 

Project Wings

Project Wings is a non profit environmental organization. They have built the worldwide largest recycling village in Indonesia. Furthermore they are engaging in humanitarian aid, environment and animal protection.

In our state Rheinland – Pfalz, they support the largest meadow orchard in Kottenheim. Due to this meadows, older tree populations can be conserved and new trees be planted. Moreover, they create safe havens for a large variety of species – especially bees.